We will proccess your paymnets

Merchant Accounts Are Not Created Equal is the guiding principle.

What we do…


Start accepting Visa payments as a form of payment and watch your business grow.


Discover has become one of the the world’s most widely accepted card. Are you taking Discover cards today?


A fast convent way to collect payments from your customer.  We will auto debit your from your customer checking accounts.


Your business needs to accept MasterCard payments.

American Express "AMEX"

American Express is a growing leader in the credit markets, can you accept them?

By the way…

In our house we have

  • merchant solutions
  • Lower Fees
  • E-Check Processing
  • Check Verification
  • Credit/Debit Card Processing
  • Best team in the business …

The origin of fare merchant accounts

Merchant account services company specializing in the delivery of government-style pricing to Main Street merchants.  Our goal is for Merchants to slash a huge percentage of credit card processing expense from their bottom line.

We specialize in providing safe and secure payment platforms to businesses. We help clients all over the country with customized payment systems. Our payment systems handle all major credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our systems can provide excellent savings to your bottom line.

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